"Mike and I went from not being sure we needed a birth doula, or knowing the real purpose of one, to feeling certain that we wouldn't have had the amazing birth experience without Amy. She embodied the best qualities of my mother, my sister, and best friend. She was what we needed, wanted, and more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Amy."


Èlen Kidd

Quite simply, my husband and I can't imagine having made it through labor and birth without Amy. I was in labor for 32 hours. Amy arrived when I was utterly exhausted and my husband was wondering how on earth he would be able to help me continue to labor. Her presence changed things immediately. We weren't surprised -- both of our prenatal sessions showed us exactly what Amy would bring to our birth as our doula. She quietly supported both me and my husband and helped guide us through the intense and amazing process. I knew that I wanted a doula for our birth, but my husband was more hesitant. After meeting with Amy, he started to come around to the idea of a doula. And now, after the whole experience with Amy, he is so glad we had her on our birth team. Again, we couldn't imagine having done it without her. 

Parag Desai

I am a first time father, and I could not even spell "Doula." As most fathers, I did not know how to help my wife during her pregnancy. My goal was to try to make everyday living easy for her. I figured if she was safe and didn’t have to take out the trash I was doing my job. The only thing I knew about being supportive during delivery was from the movies and to yell keep pushing. I knew I wanted to have a better experience.

When my wife suggested getting a doula I gave her a strange look and even tried to talk her out of it. I didn’t want an intrusion at the hospital and our during our child’s birth. I could not have been more mistaken. Amy gave me the tools to support my wife. It was by far the best choice we made. I could not imagine going through the process without Amy. We had a well-rehearsed plan for the birth of our child right up until my wife went into labor and we called the hospital. When we called our hospital (that we had visited 7 times and met most of the midwives), they were under staffed that night and sent us to a hospital where I had to Google the address. This was at 12:30am. It was a little stressful; however, my wife and I knew we still had Amy, and that made a huge difference. It allowed us to accept the changes and stay positive about one of the greatest moments in our life. In the hospital setting we tend to feel fear and anxiety. The birth of your child should not have to be one of those experiences.

I would strongly recommend getting a doula, and if Amy is available, she is awesome - I consider her part of my family. She took the time to get to know us and guided us through a birth plan that we wanted. She helped me ask questions about birth choices that I never thought to ask, and I didn’t even know I had a choice. She was there to protect and comfort my wife. Bottom line, if you want your wife to feel like she has her best girlfriend in the delivery room, hire Amy.

Katie Bertelson

Amy, thank you for being our doula, partner, teammate, and friend for labor and delivery. You were exactly the strong, calming presence I knew you would be -- and that I knew I/we would need. We so very much appreciated the time you spent with us leading up to our guess date, and the many hours with us during labor. I also loved the days I joined you for yoga -- all of which came together in the labor/delivery I had hoped to have. I KNOW I couldn't have done it without you, so THANK YOU! Thank you for every little thing you did that made it possible!

Jamie Huberty-Koerner

Amy presided over the birth of our first baby in February 2014. She was such a beautiful and integral part of our birth experience. I was able to achieve the birth of my dreams and I am so grateful for her support through the entire process. When my partner and I first met Amy we knew immediately that she was the doula for us. We could instantly see that she was a very open, mindful, dedicated, and amazingly supportive person!  


From the very beginning of our relationship she assisted us in not only identifying fears we each had about pregnancy and birth, but she helped us work through them as well. Her prenatal support was so helpful for us. We loved our prenatal meetings with her. She helped us feel much more connected to her, to each other, and to the sweet little life growing inside me. She had so many wonderful tips and resources she was able to share with us. With her help we were able to really visualize exactly what we wanted and when it came time for labor she helped make that dream a reality! During the weeks before the birth her communication was essential in keeping me calm, focused, and open to what was to come. I knew I could always send her a text, give her a call, or shoot her a quick email and she was always there with the words I needed to hear.  


During the birth she was exactly what both my partner and I needed. During my labor I turned inward and had difficulty communicating verbally. She was so intuitive and was able to see at each moment exactly where she was needed

whether it be directly supporting me or assisting my partner with something. He has stated many times that her presence was an integral part of keeping him calm, focused, and energized. Both of the midwives present at our birth loved working with her as well! They have both made the comment that she was great at reading the energy of any situation and contributing exactly what was needed.

Kendra Willey

We had a wonderful experience with Amy as our birth doula! She was flexible with our schedules (for before birth and postpartum meetings). She brought such joy and wisdom to those meetings. She was a rock for our labor and birth. She encouraged me to stay on track with my goals and wishes for birth as well as being so supportive.  I was very much inward during my labor. I don't have many memories of who did what but I do remember feeling safe and secure and that Amy was close by. She provided a lot of support for my partner as well since I was so internal during my labor. The best part was celebrating with Amy right after the birth. So much joy and bliss. She got the music on and breakfast ordered and we just got to enjoy each others company and welcome our new babe to this side of the universe. It was definitely my favorite and possible most memorable part of the whole experience. It was wonderful! I probably wouldn't have eaten anything because I was so high from the experience- but Amy literally fed me. I'm so glad she did because I needed my energy for the next journey into motherhood! So so so so thankful Amy was a part of our team. I couldn't have pictured it any other way!

Emily Van Handel

My husband, Mike and I had the pleasure of having Amy as our birth doula for the birth of our first child in May, 2013. When we met Amy, a transformation of our birth story began immediately. She built a platform on which Mike and I could communicate about the numerous emotions we were experiencing about pregnancy and childbirth. She established the importance of the journey we were each on and encouraged us to face each other and share parts of it.

Amy helped us build awareness about labor and delivery by speaking to us about being open, patient, and confident in the strength we possessed individually, and as a team. During labor, Amy was simply incredible. She provided so many forms of support for Mike and I, including massage, aromatherapy, visualizations, and quiet, clear communication. She coached us through breathing and positioning, while making sure we stayed hydrated and nourished. She relieved my husband occasionally so he could be a better partner. Amy was the anchor in the room, without which we may not have been as focused and intentional. She held our hand through the most emotional event we have experienced together, and enhanced the experience beyond words. Thank you forever, Amy.

Anne Stacy

Welcoming a child into the world is by far one of life's most joyous and intimate moments. In anticipation of our son's arrival, we were in search of a doula who we felt comfortable around and who was passionate about coming alongside us for this momentous event. Even though it was our second child, we still felt it was important to have a calming presence and someone to help coach us through the nerves of labor and delivery. We connected with Amy the very first time we met her. We walked away from that meeting knowing she was exactly who we wanted to join us for this birth. Her peaceful demeanor, engaging questions, intent listening and delightful sense of humor made her the perfect fit.

Amy taught us many valuable things during our pre-birth meetings, which proved to be useful tools during labor and delivery. She checked in with us frequently during early labor, provided positive encouragement, and was on call for any questions that we had. Once labor progressed, we made our way to the birth center. Amy helped us from the moment she arrived. Simply her presence helped us to relax and engage in the moment. She provided great suggestions for laboring. Having her there helped provide confidence and

empowered us to welcome our beautiful baby boy exactly how we had envisioned. We feel truly blessed that Amy played such an incredible role in this part of our family's story. Her passion and experience make her a very talented birth doula and we wholeheartedly recommend Amy for your birth!

Brittany Bushaw

Amy was fully present with us, and I wouldn't have wanted to give birth without her. As our birth doula, she maintained awareness throughout my 62-hour labor, and her support for my partner and midwife helped them remain capable of supporting me the whole way through.  She provided exactly what I was looking for in a birth doula, and she will be my birth doula for my next baby! :)

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