The way a birther is nourished for the first six weeks after birth can determine how successfully they give their light to the world for the next four decades.

Many other cultures revere the time after birth as they would their marriage to a lover, or a child's graduation. They take time off, they celebrate, they prepare mentally and emotionally for this big rite of passage in life.

People in Korea call the postpartum time, "100 Days of Birth."

People in India call it "The Sacred Window."

Almost all cultures have a "Lying In" period after birth for birthgivers to "lay low" and focus on rest, limiting visitors, and getting to know their new little human.

In America, many birthgivers are doing too much too soon, and having visitors over too early. It is not a coincidence that the postpartum time is associated with depression. People have not been educated properly about how to care for themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually after giving birth. What they don't realize is that they will likely go into a cocoon and struggle, cry, feel immense joy and gratitude, and learn life's biggest lessons, all while gaining the strength to eventually come out of the cocoon. Birthgivers will need more time, resources, and support to get through this postpartum tunnel.

Postpartum is a tunnel of healing and recovery.

So, you say yes to encapsulation. What's next?

It's easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

1) I send you an agreement to sign & arrange payment.

2) Immediately after birth, you give your provider two gallon-ziplock bags to place your placenta in. You can store on ice until I pick it up. You may even bring a small cooler.

3) I pick up your placenta within 24 hours of birth. I clean it, steam it, dehydrate it, then grind it up to put into capsules.

Voila! Your capsules are safely placed in a cobalt blue jar and delivered to you with instructions to enjoy.

Giving birth is the only naturally occurring event in a woman’s life where she loses such high amounts of Qi (energy), blood, Yin and Yang . . .


all of which need to be replenished in order to fully recover her strength and vitality.


Want to encapsulate your placenta after birth?

Get front door service. I will pick up from your place of birth and deliver your capsules to you within 72 hours.




There are many traditional methods of utilizing the placenta and honoring it for the life that it was able to provide. The placenta was often historically viewed as a magical healing organ that was best utilized immediately upon delivery from the womb. It was viewed as a skin healing agent, as part of medicinal ointments and naturopathic remedies.

Hospitals and medical institutions view the organ as human waste and have come across much controversy in some communities for blatantly disrespecting the sacredness of the organ. Culturally, the placenta was viewed as part of the newborn, the source of life, and even so far as a comfort or bed for the baby while in utero.


One of the most widely held methods of honoring the placenta that is easily recognizable today is the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the practices based on this methodology. While no one person can claim to offer TCM of encapsulation unless they themselves are a practicing TCM doctor, there are certain processes that can be followed while providing an encapsulation procedure honoring that method.

Placentophagia is the process of a new mother consuming her placenta postpartum by either eating the placenta raw, cooked, in capsule form, or drinking the juices from the placenta once it is cooked. This is not an issue for vegan birthers because nothing was harmed to bring about the organ meat for consumption.


  • Prevent and lessening the risk of postpartum depression, or ‘baby blues’

  • Replenish your iron from blood loss during birth, and to prevent post birth anemia 

  • Lend you a consistent flow of oxytocin long after your birth euphoria ends

  • Provide the HPL hormone to help establish early and healthy milk supply

  • Stabilize your ever changing hormones post birth

  • Replenish your B vitamins and energy that were used during the labor and birthing process

  • Protection from infection and bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membranes

  • Offer natural pain relief from the labor and birth of the baby

  • and more!

Your placenta has over 20 different hormones, vitamins, and minerals waiting for you. And this is only what we know so far!

I only offer the

Traditional Chinese Medicine Steaming Encapsulation Method.

Want to know why?


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