underestimate the power of belonging, and the desire to belong.

There are two kinds of doulas:

1) the doula who offers INFORMATION, and
2) the doula who offers TRANSFORMATION.

I am the doula who offers TRANSFORMATION. The doula who is all in. With my signature
Modern Parent Village™ Program, I take expectant parents through a proven, step-by-step system to help them prioritize the emotional-relational parts of pregnancy, as well as empowering them with practical tools for birth and parenthood. We cut through the chaos to create a framework that helps parents find their authentic, awakened voices.

One thing is for certain — we do NOT have a shortage of information in this world. You can pretty much Google anything, or find a book on it. What we DO have a shortage of, is transformation. And honestly, this passage into parenthood — no matter what number of child it is — is best elevated and understood in a dynamic group — NOT alone in isolation. Yes, even for the introverts. Turns out, having immense love and support from a village of pros & peers makes a world of difference during childbirth and parenthood.

So, if you are pregnant, or know someone who is expecting; and you or they want to belong to a dynamic group that will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your confidence, resource base, and BIRTH SATISFACTION, then send them my way, to
Modern Parent Village™.


The #1 ingredient to manifesting an empowered birth is your support team.


First, a FREE Strategy Session.

First, SCHEDULE a free Strategy Session with me to see if we'll be a good fit. Then, please SUBMIT an Application for Doula Services. This session is your opportunity to learn more about my practice style and personality, as well as for me to learn about you and what type of support you need.

Virtual via Zoom.  START HERE >>

This right here is the difference between INFORMATION, and TRANSFORMATION. This program is transformational because it is the personal parent coaching you never had! You get to join a dynamic group of expectant parents for four revolutionary classes. The classes are activity-based, and are a blend of ancient wisdom and modern, practical tools. You will not get this with your friends, your doctor, and likely not even with your family. Hearing other parents share concerns that mirror your own helps to normalize the whole experience of pregnancy. Parents who go through our program often say they are more unified, resourceful, and have realistic expectations about birth and parenting. These sessions are attended by between 2-10 expectant couples, and we have a mixture of parenting experience. Classes are held twice monthly at one central location with a rotating series of 4 topics. Click here to learn more & sign up.

  • Emotions During Pregnancy, Birth, & Parenthood

  • Navigating Your Best Birth

  • Planning Your Postpartum Retreat

  • Birthgivers Ceremony & Partners Circle (separate)

Two Tuesdays a month | 6:30-8:30pm | Uptown Minneapolis | Classes rotate - you choose your class schedule

Learn more & sign up.

2 privates with me, in MPLS

Equally as important to the group learning is connection time with ME, your doula! Let's schedule two private meetings together on MPV Class nights (in Minneapolis) where we can dig deeper into curriculum, or simply hang out and share a cup of tea. This allows for the building of a deeper, more trusted relationship, which is really what this is all about. 1:1s are for both parents in the partnership. Additionally, I love utilizing phone calls and FaceTime anytime throughout the journey, if we feel like we need or want more connection time.

Why? Because the team approach gets results.

Tipping this traditional, private model of birth and parenthood on its ear, we are facilitating family education and birth support that starts rebuilding the village, or network of support, during the PRENATAL time. And we want YOU to be part of it so you can actually FEEL GOOD about your birth experience, no matter what type of birth you're given. Your chances of achieving your desired results INCREASE 70% when you are part of a dynamic group walking the same journey as you.

Other Modern Parent Village™ Facilitators: Sarah Auna | Brooke Burns

When you're in labor, I'm your birth doula.

In your birthing time, I will provide unlimited text and phone support. We make a plan. Then, I will meet you in your home or at your intended place of birth when you are ready for your birth support team to wrap around you; typically in the more active and challenging stage of your labor. Regardless of the length of your labor, 3 hours or 30, I will be there to provide continuous emotional, physical, spiritual, and informational support. I will stay by your side 1-2 hours after your babe is born to support feeding your baby, and to feed you and your birth partner, care for you during initial recovery and repairs, and tuck you in. I can provide photography with your camera along the journey.

I will join you and your family in your home in the first few weeks following your birth. We will sit together and discuss questions regarding lactation, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, processing of birth, resource referral, newborn care, and the normal range of physical and emotional discomforts and well-being. I will also ask for feedback about my role. Most importantly, we will honor your hard work to bring forth new life, and celebrate your personal transformation through this birth journey!

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Wanna know if we're the right fit?

Once we decide to walk together, I will show you how to send me your deposit + signed contract. Then you'll be booked! Additionally, you will receive a digital drive with resources + pre-class homework, plus an invitation to all Modern Parent Village Classes where you can start scheduling.


Mothers with epidurals and c-sections, as well as their support partners, deserve support while they birth their babies. They can still have a calm, relaxing experience! I can give you information on the pros & cons of all your options (yes, you have options here!), plus tips and tricks for making the most out of your epidural. I can also help you get that family centered cesarean you deserve.


Mothers choosing surgical birth, please contact me to discuss a customized package option, just for you.

I have 7 YEARS of experience and HUNDREDS of births attended. Learn more about all the things I've experienced in my career as a birth doula.

I am committed to providing a professional, high quality standard of care. I aim to work with trusted providers who practice with integrity and treat women with respect. Priority will be given to repeat clients, prenatal yoga students, and those birthing with:

Willow Midwives, The MN Birth Center, Health Foundations Birth Center, Roots Birth Center, Allina Midwives, and all Homebirth Midwives.

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