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I’ve always been highly attuned to my own self inquiry + spiritual curiosity. From a young age, I had already experienced the power to awaken, transform + accelerate my journey of self-actualization. When I was 18, I left home and attended a liberal arts college to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with a minor in English Studies. I was pleasantly surprised that much of what I was learning was experiential -- I could apply the academic theories to my life in profound ways. I went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies at a university and then taught there for three years.

Through time, I realized academia was not what I hoped it would be. I could sense that I was evolving away from the classroom setting -- in a BIG way. I knew I needed to create my own platform for spiritual teachings, and I had no idea how that would manifest. I had a friend say to me:


"Amy, if you don't do something big, I will be disappointed in you."


I quit my job, my phone, my rent, and I went on a three-month, solo pilgrimage through Europe where I reunited with my now Dutch husband, and my curious, creative, bright spirit. I was a child of the Universe, fully open and free, learning more deeply how to love myself and the world. 


And then my life filled with purpose and meaning. I was a woman on a mission.

I am motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves people's lives, and elevates people to a higher level of consciousness. I believe we are each here for a sacred purpose - to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear.

My offerings stem from a lifetime of exploration into myself, healing, travel, relationships, the body, being of service, and living my dream. I'm curious about ancient wisdom, plant medicines, sacred rituals, and that which connects us to the divine mystery.

I see that women carry the future of our species in their bodies. Women are divine. Magic. Biological. The alchemy of birth.

I’m dedicated to being the flame carrier, to guide people to access their vitality and unique inner knowing. I do this through birth support, ancient and modern spiritual techniques, yoga classes & workshops, music, rituals, and more.

And now my passions lead me.

I study experience, energy medicine, yoga, and the power of clean, sacred living. I am passionate about food and resonate with the science of Ayurveda. I have traveled to Mexico to study Shamanic yoga and holistic healing, and I create offerings to share these teachings and experiences with you. 



conquers the world not through violence or aggression, but through gentleness, courage, and self-knowledge. The warrior discovers the basic goodness of human life and radiates that goodness out into the world for the peace and sanity of others. The key to warriorship is not being afraid of who you are. Ultimately, that is the definition of bravery: not being afraid of yourself.

-Chögyam Trungpa

You were born to discover your light. Radiate! 

F O R M A L  A C C O L A D E S

Certified Birth Doula | RYT 200-hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Kula Collective; Troncones, Mexico | Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher | Rebozo Trained with Gena Kirby | Spinning Babies Trained with Gail Tully | Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies - Gustavus Adolphus College | Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies - Minnesota State University, Mankato | 3-year Teacher in higher education

Co-Founder & Owner of Modern Parent Village: Birth Support + Parent Education, Twin Cities, MN


A Day With Dr. Amy Gilliland , Ph.D., BDT (DONA), CSE (Doulaing the Doula): Why Are We Trying to Turn Men Into Women? | From Lovers to Parents and Back Again | Communication Effectiveness for Birth Professionals | Birth Workers As Facilitators of Transformation and Grief


Prenatal + Postpartum Yoga Trained with Angela Vincent: Spirituality of Birth with Aszani Stoddard,  APNP, CNM, MSN, IBCLC | Nutrition During Pregnancy & Post Partum with Lisa Nadeau,  RDN | Anatomy of the Pelvis with Adrienne Caldwell,  LCMT, NCRT, CPPMBT, COMT | Pelvic Floor & Abdominals with Michelle Steffen, Physical Therapist | Holistic Pelvic Care with Jen Quade, nurse, healer, coach, teacher | Post Partum Depression with Jess Helle-Morrissey,  MA, MSW, LGSW, MA

Yoga Teacher | Parent Educator | Mother Blessings | Sacred Cacao Ceremonies | Musician |
Postpartum Healing Herbs | Placenta Encapsulation |Women's Circles | Wisdom Card Readings | Public Speaking

As a Birth Doula, I have experience with:

VBAC  |  Waterbirth at home, birth center, and hospital  |  Homebirth with Traditional Midwives and Certified Professional Midwives  |  Hospital birth with a Midwife  |  Hospital birth with an OB  |  Hospital birth with a Family Physician  |  Freestanding birth center birth  |  Home birth transfer to hospital | Birth Center transfer to hospital | Longer labors | Back pain during labor (commonly called back-labor due to a malpositioned baby)  |  Fetal positioning difficulties during labor, causing disjointed labor patterns and/or longer births |  Extremely quick labors -- I've even caught a baby at an accidental homebirth!  |  Using Spinning Babies techniques before/during labor (  |  First babies, second babies, third babies  |  Supporting families who use Hypnobabies, Lamaze, and Bradley Method childbirth education  |  Supporting LGBTQ families  |  Supporting IUI and IVF families  |  Un-medicated vaginal births  |  Medicated (i.e., epidural or narcotic) vaginal births  |  Inductions  |  Supporting a mother during cesarean birth (both planned and unplanned)  |  Families switching care provider in late pregnancy  |  Essential Oils in Labor

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