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be well

Live Consciously

Are You Ready to Break Unhealthy Patterns to Establish an Easeful Rhythm ...

and Be Well in your Body for LIFE?

Do it without ever leaving your home!

Be guided by Me -
  Ayurveda Habits expert, Amy Heilman, Step by Step ...

to Be Well in your Daily Life,  Have More Time for You,
Nourish Yourself Deeply, and Rebuild Your Immune System...
in as little as 5 Hours A Week.

How many times have you thought...
"I Love my body, and my life!"
This week?? This month???
We all ought to be waking up every morning - energized, inspired, and aligned to the habits that evolve our lives.

Most people are not thriving. Not to the level that they could be...or want to be.

Not emotionally. Not sexually. Not physically. Not spiritually.

We live in a culture where nearly 70% of people are overweight.

The world is becoming more complex, uncertain, and ambiguous. It’s Babylon out there.

1 in 3 people have insomnia.


40% of Americans have anxiety.

Most common is “existential anxiety” — an all-encompassing form of anxiety and stress that nags at us to make meaning of our lives in an unhealthy world (aka, “wired & tired”; sound familiar??).


Cultural addictions are polluting our abilities to provide the most basic care for our bodies.

If we want to be well, we MUST humble up by saying, “More than likely, I will be touched by this chaos.”

Then, we have to specifically name the chaos in our lives, and ADJUST.


My work: all about helping you adjust + awaken your potential through the portal of your body.


...Because the wisdom is in the body.

Everyone ought to be waking up to each day feeling clear, energized, and inspired. Yet, few people are.

Most people subsist on a steady diet of late-night TV + fast food that is neither fulfilling nor nourishing.

With poor habits, the effects build up over time.

A lack of healthy habits leads to everything from lethargy, depression, anger, weight gain,

and physical ailments.


Dis-ease is not an isolated, or personal, problem — it's an epidemic;

all the result of being stuck in poor micro habits.

Healthy habits are the glue.

If you aren’t evolving your habits with a set formula,

I guarantee that you are underperforming in every area of your life.

When our body is thriving, other parts of our lives thrive.

So here’s the “health education” I wish I could have had.

The one I've spent months curating, testing, and exploring.

I’m sharing it all with you: Ideas, techniques, and solid action steps that will

radically change you and your world from the inside out.

Be honest with yourself – it’s your body.

You want to design your body & your life.

You've got a lot going on.

You want the habits of regeneration, not degeneration.

You want to live your life feeling rooted and radiant.

You want to be more fit, lithe, and strong.

You want to wake up feeling light, energized, and inspired.

You want to make better food faster.

You want a better flow and more free time in your day.

You want to be with people who are actively evolving.

This course is for you if:

May 2020 Group

Wake Up Every Morning Energized, Lighter,

and Aligned to the Habits that Evolve Your Life.

Here’s Just a Taste Of What You’ll Master

in my Be Well™ Group…

The Key to Embedding the Habits of
Radiant Longevity So They Stick with You For Life

When you get coached by me, it becomes simple, and actually quite effortless, to awaken a better daily rhythm. I call it "Falling into Balance". 


Our Peak Performance, Deep Rejuvenation Daily Method - Which Improves Your Focus + Your Energy 

You’ll learn to optimize your day and night to have predictable crystal clear focus balanced by deep rejuvenation. You'll upgrade your home and office to be sanctuaries for your soul.


The 3 Simple Steps to Master Any Habit

in any Area of Your Life

You'll never wonder how to redesign a part of your life into better alignment again. You'll have me and the team guide you into habit mastery which you'll use for life - well beyond your body habits!


The 10 Habits of Yogis + Ayurvedic Masters that Unlock Easeful Living 

Do you ever feel like you're missing out on the experience of relaxed, aligned easeful living in your day to day? You will integrate the 10 Be Well™ habits to unlock the easeful living - no matter how out of whack you enter my group.


How to Use the Be Well™ Habits to Decrease Inflammation, Chronic Digestive Issues, Anxiety or Depression, and More

I take responsibility in guiding people into wellness. These habits have helped hundreds of members over time out of long-standing, deep seated issues that seemed impossible to uproot. Wouldn't it be lovely to feel better in your body, and attune to your soul everyday?

Get Coached by me... Amy Heilman - Ayurveda Habits Expert -

into the Daily Habits for

Radiant Longevity and Easeful Living

from The Comfort Of Your Living Room

I lead you into Being Well with weekly Ayurvedic Habit Evolution coaching, as well as a 1-1 coaching session per month. Part of my Dynamic Group methodology is you get access to live coaching whenever you need it. This means, once you become a Be Well™ Member, you unlock this world class system of support to guide and nurture your personal evolution. I know exactly how to coach you to make the small evolutions needed, to have a breakthrough in the fastest way possible.

Limited Availability.
May Group will Sell Out!


A 12-Month Journey with Amy Heilman
to Master Your Daily Habits + Awaken Your Potential



Ground. Get settled. Get a lay of the land, and meet your new friends! Craft realistic goals and get clear on your WHY.

Week 1
Get Oriented

Learn the best ways to allow  energy to move more freely in your body.

Week 5
Habit 4: Breath Body Practices

How to to stabilize your mood and make your metabolism more efficient.

Week 9
Habit 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines


Discover the secret to digesting before sleep so you can wake up refreshed in the AM.

Week 2
Habit 1: What's for Dinner


How to emphasize plants in your diet to get more nutrient diversity and improve

all body function.

Week 6
Habit 5: Plant-Based Diet

How to respect your senses and understand their deeper communication.

Week 10
Habit 9: Sense Organ

Self Care

Why most people are NOT getting excellent sleep,

and how YOU CAN.

Week 3
Habit 2: Your Bedtime Routine


How to give yourself a 5 minute body massage to awaken your cells and reestablish your connection to your body.

Week 7
Habit 6: Self Massage


How to focus on ease instead of stress to access new levels of your relationships, profession, and passions.

Week 11
Habit 10: Easeful Living


Learn the secrets to having a proper poop so you can move forward through your day with clarity.

Week 4
Habit 3: Start the

Day Right


How to create a routine sitting in silence to allow the brain to release stress and anxiety.

Week 8
Habit 7: Sit in Silence


Come together to brag and reflect on what's working - and what's not - as you transition to the next quarter, or season.

Week 12



Be Well™ includes One Year, 

or Four Quarters, of the habits...

We focus on small, incremental changes..


Because change takes time.

One Group Coaching call per week

One 1-1 Coaching call per month

Weekly Videos + Readings that help you

understand the WHY behind each habit

Plus... Possible In-Person Meet-ups.. TBD by the group.

Be Well™ Quarter 1 - Get It
(Learn the habits + our method)

(12 weeks)


Be Well™ Quarter 4 - Be it
(Awaken to flow)

Be Well™ Quarter 2 - Work It
(Lean in; make massive progress)

Be Well™ Quarter 3 - Live It
(Deepen your momentum)

(12 weeks)

(12 weeks)

(12 weeks)

Hello, I'm Amy Heilman...

I’m the creatrix of Be Well™ ... and a wife, a ceremonialist, a singer, a lover of cacao, animals, nature, and food. My professional background is in Higher Education Teaching, as well as Birth Coaching and Yoga Teaching.

I help people access their vitality and unique inner knowing. I do this through my Be Well course, online classes, live events, and more. I am motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves people's lives, and elevates people to a higher level of consciousness. I believe we are each here for a sacred purpose - and it is our birthright to live this purpose fully and brightly.


Be Well is focused on how to apply wisdom from the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Philosophy to optimize our body and our lives. The course was born from my studies with Cate Stillman of Yogahealer; plus a lifetime of exploration into myself, healing, travel, relationships, the body, being of service, and living my dream.

I'd be honored to coach you through the habits that have changed MY life in such a profound way. It's personal. And we get results… fast.




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