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Reclaiming Health and Happiness


This is your time.

 To deeply heal your body. To expand your potential. To stop putting your heart’s desires on hold. To take your health into your own hands. I will guide you every step of the way.
It will take you as little as 5 Hours A Week.

Bring Balance and Wholeness to Your Life

Learn practical and powerful approaches –

from nutrition to mindset – to feel your best and

most beautiful, every single day.

A 12-month Journey to Self Reclamation

with Amy Heilman

With love, Amy

(Amy Heilman, Empowered Life founder)

Feel like something's missing?

If you’re like so many, you’re struggling. You’re tired, overwhelmed, feeling disconnected, and on the hamster wheel of life, all while fighting with your body—headaches, bloating, rashes, pain, and weight fluctuations.

You may also feel a stirring inside. A sense, deep down, that you deserve more. That you can heal. That you aren’t broken, damaged, and stuck.

You long for connection, inspiration, motivation, clarity, calm, and strength…


There's an easier way.

Maybe you’ve tried healing on your own, and you’ve been left feeling frustrated and lost, drowning in a sea of health blogs and conflicting information.

You likely already know that we haven’t been told about the body’s innate capacity to heal.

You may have already started to make small changes in your daily routine - or maybe you’ve made big changes that you couldn’t sustain.

Maybe you’ve taken two steps forward, but retracted when your friends or family seemed threatened by your new lifestyle habits.

amy heilman
amy heilman
amy heilman

We're not meant to heal alone.

We’re designed to support each other through the fear that accompanies change and growth. This is the evolution of the collective, and there is nothing more powerful than a group of like-minded people coming together for change and empowerment.

"For years, I tried to implement change on my own. My deep growth process took place when I surrounded myself with a support system that held me accountable and let me share my wins." -Jessica

"Even though life stressors continue to come up, I don't react the same way. I feel carried by the current instead of knocked around by it. And if I do start to react to life in old ways - feeling overwhelmed, angry, numbing out, irritated by other people, generally frustrated - then I know what to do to get back into the flow of ease." -Colleen

"These habits have been a complete game changer in my life, they have become nonnegotiable. They are the foundation in my life that keeps me ground and steady through the waves of uncertainty in the days and seasons. I am more deeply connected to the needs of my body and no longer ruled by my mind." -Ashley

from the community

Miracles of healing are possible in this space.

Through lifestyle upgrades, the 10 Daily Habits of Yoga and Ayurveda can lead you to places that maybe your doctors, your family, and even society at large

has told you is not possible.

You deserve to feel grounded in your power. And to take it back from all of the places you’ve given it away—food addiction, workaholism, people pleasing, and all of the ways we de-prioritize our health and wellness every single day.

Empowered Life is all about reclaiming your life, choosing what has been yours all along. This year-long journey brings you into greater rhythm so that you can live from that deep well of ease, confidence, and trust that exists within you. When you choose this course, you are investing in your life as it was meant to be lived.

It’s time to step into your power,

reclaim your vitality, and inhabit your body—with a sense of mastery,

ease, and freedom.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • The 10 daily habits for optimal physical health (and why they're each vital)

  • Morning and evening routines to age efficiently and radiantly

  • Natural methods of intentional skin care

  • What to eat, when, and how much

  • How to train yourself to respond to your body with curiosity rather than fear

  • The keys to unlock easeful living

  • The simple steps that dramatically move the needle

  • PLUS, you'll grow your support circle of like-minded wellness explorers!

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Introducing the Empowered Life Course

The first dynamic group expedition of its kind, brought to you by Amy Heilman, Ayurveda Habits Expert, and inspired by the evidence-based, history-making program, Body Thrive.

Empowered Life is a one-stop-shop for you to walk into self-ownership, self-reliance, and the ultimate self-love through the door of your body. In this community, we will hold space for radical healing, for awakened participation in our ecosystem, and for the mystery and beauty of a life lived from wonder, rather than fear.

In Empowered Life, we translate the science into simple, easy to implement recommendations that we take on as a group—supporting each other along the way.

Welcome to Empowered Life Course


Empowered Life at a glance...

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Each week you’ll be invited to a live call for all course members to gather in sacred space. This is an opportunity to connect face-to-face in real-time, and lean on your community for support as you walk the path of radical healing and reclamation, and receive live coaching from your guide, Amy Heilman.



Private Online Community

Connect with like-minded wellness seekers in our private online community on Facebook. This is a space to ask questions, seek support, celebrate your wins (big and small!), and be witnessed on your path towards health reclamation and the next version of your identity.



Exclusive Course Hub

Access our Content Library of videos, downloadable guides, worksheets, and assessments you can use to jump start your healing. This includes the e-Book we use for the entire year, weekly habit content, as well as recipes, yoga practices, and recorded meditations you can do anytime, anywhere!


Course Hub

Monthly Coaching Gyms

Each month, you get a private, 1-on-1 coaching session with Amy to help you with a specific question or concern related to your 10 habits journey. She’ll help you troubleshoot and help provide insight so you can leave the session with clear next steps.


Coaching Gyms


Tea Ceremonies

Monthly Tea Ceremonies

We give reverence to our plant-based rhythms with a lovely tea ceremony ritual. We share a cup of tea; and talk, laugh, and breathe together. Tea ceremonies are time for YOU. You'll ground and connect to Self, all while basking in the life-positive energy of our community. Tea ceremonies help us explore our relationship to our plant allies, as well as our cyclical nature of perpetual life-death-rebirth. We tend to our "inner garden" and plant seeds for new life to emerge.

Monthly Yoga Classes


We gather for a shared feminine form yoga practice. Through this practice, we access the power of dynamic group connection through moving and breathing together in a synchronous spiritual practice. You'll increase your vibration and pranic healing while celebrating each month of your luminary journey. Bring a cup of hot tea and an open heart + open mind.


Yoga Classes

Monthly Community-Led Challenges

We engage the 10 habits of Yoga and Ayurveda through week-long challenges that we embark on as a community. They are a light-hearted and celebratory approach to taking baby steps towards adopting new habits on your Empowered Life Path. They provide an opportunity to dip your toe in the water of holistic lifestyle medicine, with the unconditional support and encouragement of a tribe!



Monthly Musings

Spontaneous, short videos recorded by Amy Heilman, where she candidly shares her most timely insights, thoughts, tips, and explorations not shared elsewhere. 



You'll also gain access to...

  Support for Navigating Current Events
Weekly Lifestyle Habit Emails

  Downloadable Guides, Worksheets, and Assessments

  Pop-Up Meetups and Retreats

  Surprise Bonuses

  Exclusive Course Discounts

amy heilman

Who should join Empowered Life?

If you’re ready for science-based myth busting, for taking control over your health, and for your go-to wellness hub, but you don’t want to drop everything, spend your life savings, or otherwise overwhelm yourself with information—then Empowered Life is for you.

This is a course for women.

Whether you already eat a whole-foods diet, or are just dipping your toe in the water of holistic lifestyle medicine, this community provides a safe container to explore and progress on your path to self-mastery.

November 2020 Group

Not sure if Empowered Life is right for you?

Let's talk and figure it out together.

Limited Availability.

Next Group will Sell Out.

This course is not for everyone...

This course IS  for you if...

  • You’re ready to love yourself beyond the skin you’re in

  • You’re a recovering perfectionist, dieter, or over-exerciser

  • You’re ready to give up trends and fads to create lasting lifestyle change

  • You believe you are worthy of feeling beautiful (because you are!)

  • You want to learn how to best care for yourself on all levels

  • You want a better flow and more free time in your day.

  • You want the support of women who are actively evolving.

Hello dear Soul, I'm Amy Heilman...

 I’m the creatrix of Empowered Life ... and a wife, a ceremonialist, a singer, a lover of cacao, animals, nature, and food.

My professional background is in Higher Education Teaching, as well as Birth Coaching and Yoga Teaching.

As a doula, I was invited into the truth of women's lives.

They shared with me their fears, struggles, and the sometimes unsettling reality of their partnerships.

While I was supporting women in one of the most important events of their life, it became clear to me that there's so much more for women to unearth in their journey of healing.

Just like women need to be nurtured through the intensity of childbirth,

women need other women to support them through the fear that accompanies change and growth.

It's actually COMMUNITY that helps us become who we want to be next.


Empowered Life Course is a community of women I'm guiding toward health, wellness, and leading powerful lives.

The course is focused on how to apply wisdom from the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Philosophy to optimize our body and our lives. The course was born from my studies with Cate Stillman of Yogahealer; plus a lifetime of exploration into myself, healing, travel, relationships, the body, being of service, and the wisdom of my own heart.

I'd be honored to coach you through the habits that have changed MY life in such a profound way.

It's personal. And we get results… fast. 

You're here because you're ready for a shift.


Live Events for Women

Open to the public

Tea Ceremony

Explore your relationship to your plant allies, as well as your cyclical nature of perpetual life-death-rebirth.

Monthly Yoga:

Celebrate Your Wholeness

Increase your vibration + pranic healing with other luminaries. Bring a cup of hot tea and an open heart + open mind.

New Moon

Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Cacao Ceremony will help you connect more deeply to the wisdom of

your own heart.

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